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Fachpersonal (geschäftliche Anzeige Nr. 20190809113555.17429 vom 09.08.19 um 11:35 Uhr)

Firma INN BUD Sp. z o.o. von Frau Prontsevych in Polen
Telefon +48178599088
eMail innbud02@gmail.com -- WWW http://inbudgroup.pl

We offer you specialized personnel for construction, repair and cleaning.
Are you looking for qualified professionals?
Employees always want to earn more?
The taxes are gaining profits?
What can we do for you?
• You get only specialists from us
• You save money (we pay taxes in Poland, A1 certificate etc.)
• All calculations are only cash-free at our company.
• Everything is official and open.
• You pay only for effective work
• You get more profit
We solve your problems:
• You do not do paperwork
• You do not employ workers
What do we guarantee:
• You get only specialists from us
• The workers are very motivated and work diligently
• Employees are ready to work overtime

Holzpfählen aus Litauen (Business Advertisement No. 20190702104049.29274 from 02.07.19 at 10:40 AM)

Company VIA FORTIS from Tomas from Vilnius 03200; Lithuania
Telephone +37065611554 business
eMail t.daranda@viafortis.lt -- WWW http://viafortis.lt

Das litauische Unternehmen kann Kiefernpfähle in verschiedenen Größen und Mengen anbieten

WOODCRAFT LLC (Belarus) offers softwood lumber (geschäftliche Anzeige Nr. 20190503120757.3756 vom 03.05.19 um 12:07 Uhr)

Firma WOODCRAFT LLC von Alex aus Minsk ; Belarus
Telefon +375 44 598 49 64
eMail woodcraft.by@gmail.com -- WWW http://woodcraft.by

WOODCRAFT LLC offers softwood lumber (natural moisture).
We produce:
- Board for garden (Fencing and garden elements)
- Building board
- Pallet board
- Boards for pallet collars
- Round stakes
- Beams
- and other items

Best regards,
WOODCRAFT LLC (Minsk, Belarus )
&#1090;&#1077;&#1083;. +375 44 598 49 64
e-mail woodcraft.by@gmail.com

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